ZigBee Line Voltage PIR In-Fixture Dimming Sensor Z618-P-DR




  •   ZigBee HA Certified, +20dBm ZigBee transmit power.
  •   Line voltage on/off control of lighting fixture(s), built-in quick installation testing mode.
  •   Multiple lenses available for different coverage areas.
  •   1 to 60 minutes dimming time delay for dimmed lighting.
  •   010V dimming control compatible with dimmable LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts.
  •   10 seconds to 60 minutes standby time delay for a wide range of installation locations and applications.
  •   Internal photodiode measures ambient light and observes threshold set at measured or preset light levels.
  •   IR remote control allows quick setup, settings adjustment, and manual on/off override.
  •   Compact, UV resistant, flame retardant, impact resistant, and recyclable polycarbonate construction.
  •   IP66 rated for use in outdoor/wet locations when fully installed in equivalent rated fixture.

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